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Taste Profile Matcher


Taste Profile Matcher

The ideal taste that suits the coffee lovers profile is a fun exploration of the complex flavors of coffee when combined with recommended food which is a great way to discover specific taste on the palate.

When pairing coffee with food, start by matching qualities in the coffee with corresponding qualities in food. For instance, a light cake will enhance the bright, tart qualities in Latin American coffees such as Costa Rica. Similarly, sturdy, complex coffees like Sumatra complement the texture and flavor of rich cheese cakes. The resulting interplay is traditionally related to food matching for the ultimate coffee experience.

"Food match" occurs when the combined effect of coffee and food produces flavor sensations that surpass the experience of each one alone. In the best case, inherent qualities of single-origin coffees or coffee blends are enhanced or magnified by the foods.

There are many additional ways to experiment with coffee and food:

  • Contrast flavors: Dark roast coffees, like Espresso Roast or French Roast and Double shot Tall Cappuccino which have intense characteristics that contrasts with something rich and sweet such as Toffee Cheesecake.

  • Experience acidity: Acidity is a palate-cleansing property of coffee, often experienced as a mouthwatering quality. Try higher acidity coffees, like Latin Americans, with lighter, crisper foods such as strawberry tart or Apple Crumble.

  • Explore body: Coffees with big body, like Indonesian coffees, are typically smooth and pair nicely with Herb and spice laden food such as Chicken spice and herb sandwich and Sumatra is a terrific pairing.

  • Discover Combinations: Espresso Based beverages with rich & smooth tastes, like Cappuccino & Mocha, are nicely matching with Cakes & Pastries such as Strawberry Cheesecake & Cappuccino is an excellent union.