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Research & Development

At dr.CAFE COFFEE, we invest heavily in Research and Development. The R&D efforts are divided between three divisions.

Coffee Division
Our Coffee R&D Division is made up of a group of experts and technicians whose qualifications are their love and extensive knowledge of coffee. They constantly monitor the quality and consistency of our Arabica beans bought from different regions. They are constantly doing blends to achieve the right taste profile and regularly trying on new blends to create innovations for the enjoyment of our guests.

Food and Beverage Division
The Food and Beverage Division has a team of dedicated nutritionists, food and pastry chefs, and bakery equipment technicians who are constantly in touch with developments in the food and beverage industry. Always trying to come up with new products in accordance to and in support of the long-term plans, they are also constantly improving on existing ones in order to compliment our wide selection of food and beverage.

They do continuous research on ingredients and see to it that they are kept informed on any health and environment related issues that may have an impact on our products and our business in general.

S&E Division
Our Study and Evaluation (S&E) Team is made up of especially hand-picked multi-disciplinary people, each one of which is an expert in his field. They generally represent the Operations, Projects, Marketing and IT Departments and are responsible for actual research on the development of new and emerging technologies. They are also responsible for continuous improvement, searches for and tests of new equipment, methods, and technology, constantly on the lookout for better suppliers and material sources, and keep tabs on environmental issues affecting our operations. All these are done to continually improve and maintain the high standards we set for ourselves.

The R&D always looks forward into discovering the new and reinventing the old as their primary philosophy and goal.