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Our History

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Our History

The Journey Begins

My journey began by exploring the world, visiting coffee houses, looking and searching for the perfect cup of coffee that satisfied my taste and heart.

A few years later, coffee became a prime object of love and cafes were my focus of interest to meet and socialize with friends. It was a passion that motivated me to learn more about these mystical red coffee berries that after roasting, grinding and brewing are known to people as a cup of coffee in their hand.

My Travels

My journey took me to the living land of Yemen, where coffee was first discovered. I saw beautiful terraces full of red bright berries, freshly picked by the farmers. In another corner of the processing plant there was a coffee expert tasting freshly brewed coffee. The brew was as dark as midnight, with oil visible on its surface, releasing its aroma all around the plant. I knew that my years of searching and discovery would lead me to something that would be the talk of the food & beverage industry. I was getting closer to that vision that I cherished, following those beans from Yemen to the roasting plantation, where they ended up in the hands of coffee experts. The beans were roasted and packed for shipping around the world including to some coffee houses near my house.

So much hard work was involved to create an extra special coffee into our cups. My big respect for that little bean was growing since that day. Mastering the trade was my next objective.

Mastering the Trade

The next part of my journey began by learning the history of coffee, types of species, processing methods, grinding and brewing, including the cupping (special ways to taste coffee for its individual characteristics) which I learned from experts.

My vision was close to completion. All I had to do was put what I learned into practice, and established my first coffee shop using the finest beans as the heart and soul of my guests' drinks.

My first coffee shop was a kiosk bar in a small shopping mall. I used to finish my daytime work at the family business and at night went to my shop which I called "small spot of joy". My little business was doing well and my guests were appreciating and enjoying the drinks. At that stage there was still no name my little coffee shop, and I turned to my loyal guests for their choices for giving their regular place a name.

Many names were suggested, however, none was convincing enough to use. Then came the design of our logo and I thought: "It must have white for purity of our beans, green for the color that my mother feels optimistic about and for the green hills of Kenya and & Ethiopia, the steep mountain sides of Columbia and of course the high terraces of Jamaica". Finally, I included gold to represent the richness of the land and great coffee.

The moment had arrived when all had to make a decision and we did. From my vision and passion, and with the real taste of coffee, I present to you, straight from the heart, dr.CAFE COFFEE .

Yousef S. Al Rajhi
Founder of dr.CAFE COFFEE