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Franchisee Profile

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Franchisee Profile

Franchise Profile

The franchisee is granted the license to operate a dr.CAFE COFFEE store in a particular country, part of country, geographical territory or site subject to the successful completion of the required training program for a period of fifteen (15) years or the length of the lease, land or space, whichever is shorter.

Franchising Qualifications

We continually seek highly qualified individuals to join the dr.CAFE COFFEE family as new franchisees. We seek persons who are highly competent, committed individuals with a strong desire to succeed and have a strong entrepreneurial spirit and posses a good business acumen, which involves management responsibilities including financial knowledge, profit accountability, personnel supervision and have extensive customer contacts. Previous business experience, firm financial footing and a proven track record of success in their past business endeavors are important factors which will be taken into consideration.

We look for individuals who are willing to put their 100 percent in the daily operations of the business. This individual must be prepared to face physical and emotional rigors of operating a coffee business. We prepare the franchisee for challenges by their participation in an extensive training program.

Only citizens of a franchisee country can qualify for a franchise. You cannot qualify for a franchise if you are a dormant or part time investor. The person we are looking for must make his own personal financial investment. We do not grant franchise to a group of friends.

Overall, we make thorough evaluations of the individual's personality, character, values and unique qualities.

Our method of franchising has been one of its basic strengths and an essential part of our systems success. Our system allows owner/operator to realize their dreams of owning and operating their own business while benefiting from the business resources and an on-going support from dr.CAFE COFFEE.

We offer franchise in a developmental form, which means that the franchisee invests in equipment, furniture, fixtures, signages, and decoration. The real estate acquisition costs, the building and leasehold adjustments. The franchiser (dr.CAFE COFFEE) earns a return over from the term of license by means of percentage in gross sales in addition to territorial rights, and we also get store operating licenses as royalty fees. The franchisee earns the return of his or her investment through operating profits, receiving most of its revenue over the life of the franchise rather than upfront ones, the company must have an ongoing interest in the success of the business. While there is no guarantee of financial success for either party, the company believes that this unique financial relationship provides both parties with best opportunities for success. Because of the company's support to the business, the downside risk of dr.CAFE COFFEE franchise is less than in other entrepreneurial business.


Our training and support programs are a necessity like any other franchising business. Training is top priority at dr.CAFE COFFEE because the success of the company depends on dedicated, well-trained people and uniform operational standards from store to store.

As a franchisee, you are required to participate in our training and evaluation program which involves hands on work in any assigned dr.CAFE COFFEE Store, courses, seminars and one-on–one-sessions with key corporate personnel involving lot of self initiated study. The training program typically seeks participation either on a part-time or full-time basis. On a part time basis, training time required is 24-hours (twenty four) per week that is three days a week on a full shift. Full-time training involvement will require five days to six days a week. The length of the training will be largely dependent on the time invested and the consistency of the applicant's performance and perseverance.

The main objective of the training is to prepare the applicant to operate his/her dr.CAFE COFFEE by proper implementation of our system. It is designed to train you in all aspects of operating your future dr.CAFE COFFEE Store and assists you in evaluating your potential as a franchisee.

The bulk of the training will be conducted in our stores. However, prior to the applicant's opening his/her store, he/she will under-go a two-week seminar on advanced operations course at our Headquarters in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia or other places delegated by dr.CAFE COFFEE.

Although we do not reimburse you for your time and all incidental expenses associated with the training, we do shoulder the cost of the training.


Being a dr.CAFE COFFEE franchisee enables you to have the opportunity to be the owner of a unique and upbeat business, yet receive the advantages of a corporate giant through our support structure.