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Our Philosophy & Values

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Philosophy & Values

Facilitate our well-researched techniques to continually develop the efficiency of our facilities and productivity of our team members.

At dr.CAFE COFFEE, we have realized that people are the most valuable resource in any organization, so we have invested heavily in their learning and development. Our Research and Development Department is made up of a group of individuals with good qualifications and armed with a wealth of experience and knowledge.

We have developed specialized classrooms, workshops, seminars and manuals to cater to our team members continuous learning and growth.

At dr.CAFE COFFEE, we have structured learning and development programs that guide individuals from positions at Operations level of a Barista to the level of a Corporate Executive. It is flexible to cater for the individual learning styles of our present team members and new who join our team.


At dr.CAFE COFFEE, our classroom trainings are never more than 15 people in attendance giving the facilitator enough one on one time with each team member. Classroom sessions are constantly broken up by games to induce fun and increase team building.

Our workshops are highly interactive because we mentor and facilitate to ensure our team members maximum learning. With aid of role-plays, several real-life and in store scenarios are reenacted for retention and we have found this the most productive and useful way of team member training.

At dr.CAFE COFFEE, it is our philosophy that we set people up to succeed and to do that, we provide them with the best resources. Our resource manuals are highly developed and contain well-researched material to help reinforce classroom and workshop learning.

At dr.CAFE COFFEE, we are not just satisfied to stand and rest with our accomplishments. Our on-going research and development keeps pace with the ever-changing needs of the coffee lovers and consumers.

So how do we do this?

At dr.CAFE COFFEE, we invest heavily in research and development. At dr.CAFE COFFEE, our R&D department is divided into 3 divisions:

Our Coffee Department is made up of a group of experts and technicians whose qualifications are their love and extensive knowledge of coffee. They constantly monitor the quality and consistency of our Arabica beans bought from the different regions; they are constantly blending to achieve the right taste character. The beans are then sent to the roasting plant where the beans are cupped at different roast levels to ensure a consistent dr.CAFE COFFEE roast profile. At dr.CAFE COFFEE the phrase "We Roast Our Beans, One Bean At a Time" is taken literally.

Food & Beverage Division has a team of dedicated nutritionists, food and pastry chefs and bakery equipment technicians, who are in constant communication with developments in the coffee department. Their role is to come up with new pastries and improved recipes to compliment our wide selection of coffees. They do a lot of research on ingredients used in our products and keep full details on the health related issues concerning the ingredients.

Our S&E (Study and Evaluation) Team is responsible for the actual research and evaluation. They are responsible for continuous improvement. Testing new equipment best suited to our brewing method, studying suppliers equipments and looking for new partners, continuous research on environmental issues related to our stores, coordinating with marketing, helping our Training Department study improved training facilities and software, doing regular studies on operational procedures and manuals with experts from all over the world.