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dr. CAFE Card

Our History

dr.CAFE COFFEE is always dedicated to offering our Guests unlimited World Class Services. dr.CAFE CARD is a preloaded card that works just like cash. Use it to enjoy everything at dr.CAFE COFFEE.

The Card is a shining example of our personalized approach and continuous commitment to provide professional world-class services as well as to treat and reward dr.CAFE lovers as special individuals.

The dr.CAFE CARD is a faster, easier way to treat yourself to all dr.CAFE products and services. And it's more convenient than cash; there is no more trouble searching for change during morning rush hour, when you have a brief meeting with colleagues or drafting a business project during lunch break, browsing internet for the latest news or studying and doing a group discussion in the afternoon, having fun with some friends or family members, reading a favorite book, or simply relaxing for personal peace of mind in the evening to enjoy the best coffee experience.

Being registered dr.CAFE CARD account user you can add more cards to your account, track your recent transactions and update your account details as per your liking. You'll also be happy about an extensive array of attractive rewards, exclusive privileges, and valuable offers that definitely make your visit at dr.CAFE COFFEE memorable and full of rewards.