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Our Philosophy & Values

Philosophy & Values

Determined to offer the highest quality Arabica coffee beans, by monitoring every stage of its processing to its eventual offer to our customers.

dr.CAFE COFFEE beans are carefully selected by our coffee experts by going to various coffee growing regions like Kenya, Costa Rica, Yemen, Indonesia and Sumatra to mention a few. Our coffees experts have exclusive arrangements with coffee plantations to acquire the best grade Arabica beans. These exclusive arrangements are not only restricted to buying, but give our coffee experts unrestrained access to the farms to monitor soil, altitude, surrounding plants, eventual harvesting and processing all of which affect the flavor a coffee bean produces. Our coffee experts ensure that only top grade beans are selected for eventual shipment.


Given that every bean selected for shipment to our Roasting facility is of unmatched quality, roasting becomes the key to unlock that quality. At dr.CAFE COFFEE we roast, flavor and package our own coffees. The bean is strictly scrutinized from the time that it’s received from the plantation, during the sorting, grading, cupping and roasting stages to the time that it’s presented to our guests.

Being a gourmet roaster and retailer of specialty coffee, we, at dr.CAFE COFFEE, are uncompromising in the quality and flavor of our coffees. Roasting our beans with our signature method and style enables us the opportunity to select the perfect roast for each variety of beans or blends we serve.

At dr.CAFE COFFEE our coffees are prepared to our strict standards so that our customers will find the same delicious and perfect cup of coffee they desire every time, every where around the world. Once our beans are roasted it is sealed to preserve our signature dr.CAFE COFFEE flavor and aroma.