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Coffee Selection Guide

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Coffee Selection Guide

Coffee Selection Guide

We specifically roast different beans to offer unmatched coffees our guests will enjoy. This is the reason for the unique taste in our signature coffees. Surely guests will enjoy a favorite coffee that suits whatever a variety of taste they desire, a regional specific, a choice blend, or a special roast degree coffee.

Single Origin
These coffee varieties are the best the world has to offer and are treasured for their distinct and consistent flavors.

Costa Rica coffee is noted for its sparkling acidity, milder flavor and refreshing finish. This coffee is a great example of acidity. Like orange juice, it has a clean, refreshing finish. Costa Rican Coffees are grown at an altitude of between 3.300 and 3.900 feet, which make it a good hard bean unlike the strictly hard bean grown at an altitude of more than 3.900 feet.
We have to pay a lot of attention while skillfully roasting this simple coffee bean to create a complex mixture of valuable and volatile aromatics, is a great result in getting your day starting very bright.

Smooth and rich flavor accompanied by distinctive fragrant aroma, winey acidity and mellow body. Colombia remains the world's only premium single origin and a favorite choice at dr.CAFE. The coffee growing regions of Colombia start just above the Equatorial line and stretch north for more than 750 miles across the Andean Mountains. With geography encompassing the Amazon jungle to the east, the Pacific Tropical Rain Forest to the west, and the Caribbean Sea to the north, the climate and topography in this country is as unique as its coffee. Over 500,000 Colombian coffee farmers, known as cafeterias, tend to small farms that spread over 900,000 hectares of mostly shaded mountainous areas.

An elegant, well-balanced coffee with a great depth. Refined acidity is well balanced with the coca-powder texture and its soft spicy flavors. Wild in their own spices and flavors. 25% of Guatemalans work for the coffee industry. Guatemalans have suffered many unforeseen circumstances due to drug barons trying to convert them to grow drugs instead of great coffee beans. Antigua region offers the best coffee Guatemala has to offer for the world, from its great volcanic ashes came the best of the coffee world to drink and enjoy each time.

This great African Queen offers a soft and floral aroma, tart complex and sometimes-lemony fruit like flavor. A good East African coffee has the disconcerting capacity to make coffees from other parts of the world taste rather tame. Sidamo with exhilarating floral tones, is one of the world's most distinctive origins, it may be hard to believe someone hasn't snuck some lavender into your cup.

This coffee is famous for its herbal and earthy aroma, full body, low in acidity and rich and smooth in its flavors. Our coffee experts call it as the most unpredictable coffee. This coffee is good starter for a very busy day. Sumatra is ranked as one of the fullest body in our coffee lineup, for its unique bold and intense earthy characteristics.

Being the heavy weight champion of our coffee lineup, Sumatra is considered being the best that can be sold in our outlets, long awaited by many coffee fanatics for its soothing and unmatched flavors. Sumatra Mandheling and tiramisu are the ultimate combination of most of our customers "Simply irresistible".

Signature Blends
Coffee selections that are combined to bring diverse taste profiles together to offer a well-balanced cup.

Mild and flavorful, this light-bodied blend makes a great first introduction to a new start of your day. A blend of Latin American coffees complimented by its mild welcoming soft flavors and clean acidity. Pair this coffee with a plain muffin or a fruit tart; a great compliment will be the blueberry muffin for an evening cup. This great coffee will be complimented with a maamoul as well. The taste profile of this coffee has been a great challenge, to be able to make a well-balanced cup of coffee at this light roast with its high quality flavors. It became the easygoing name for a great blend that will serve our coffee goers for years to come at dr.CAFE outlets.

An "all day coffee" our most popular blend, house blend is a light bodied blend of Latin American coffees, being very vibrant, clean and has a refreshing acidity finish. It is well balanced in its flavors. This coffee is best enjoyed with a chocolate muffin or a chocolate mousse cake. This great coffee will be complimented with a golden royal apple. Being a blend of Latin American coffees, House Blend has a great challenge for us while blending, a great coffee to begin your day having experienced our milder coffee "Breakfast Blend". We consider our House Blend to be a step up the bolder bodies of our great coffee lineup. An inspiring blend, which makes you appreciate the great taste of our House Blend coffee, it is being nothing short of a coffee revelation.

An original blend from Arabian Mocha Sanani and Estate Java, it is a serious commitment and a showcase on how to balance the spiciness and smoothness of two bodies together. An exotic Yemen Sanani to match the rich body of Java and the creation was great "perfect match for the real coffee fanatic". AMJ is for those who enjoy the exotic bold flavors in their coffee. Pair this coffee with a chocolate mousse or Black Forest Cake. This great coffee will be complimented with fresh blueberries. AMJ was first introduced by the Dutch for their passion to a bolder complex cup of coffee. It is known to be the first coffee blend ever made. The preferred brewing method for this great blend is the French Press.

A medium-bodied blend of Latin American and Indonesian coffees, with 20 percent of Italian Roast for added depth and sweetness. Recommended for those guests who enjoy dark chocolate. This great coffee will be complimented with a real crunchy dark chocolate. Sunset Blend has stood its tests. It was introduced as a promotional and seasonal Blend and due to its popularity it was later added to coffee lineup. Sunset became the learning fusion for exploring the mix of two different roasts together "Full City and Italian Roast" combining both the acidity of Latin American coffees and the rich earthy flavors of the Indonesian coffees. Try to taste the Sunset Blend as an Espresso Shot and feel the origin of the Roasts richness. The characteristics of the Sunset Blend makes it perfect for an after dinner coffee. Sunset Blend smoky sweet flavors are assertive enough to make you fall in love with this attractive coffee. The Italian Roast contributes a pleasant and almost cleansing sweetness to its flavors.

Dark Roasts
Roasted beyond the pinnacle of flavor to bring the intense, sweet and rich flavors enjoyed by coffee lovers world-wide.

A medium blend from Latin American and Indonesian coffees roasted to perfection in extracting all the best a bean has to offer, complex, sturdy, sweet, and somewhat caramel-like, completed with a hint of acidity. Our Espresso Roast provides intensely sweet taste, diverse flavors and distinguished aromas guaranteeing an enjoyable drink all the way till the last sip. dr.CAFE Espresso Roast is also available in Decaf version as well.

A medium bodied blend from the Latin American and Indonesian coffees roasted darker than the Usual Espresso Roasts, sturdy, sweet, slightly smoky in flavors and a crisp sharp finish.

In Italy Espresso warms the heart and soul of every home, and it is customary to have a cup of Espresso as you visit a friend. Our Italian Roast is great to have in a pressed cup.

dr.CAFE Dark French Roast is light in body. A blend of Latin American coffees, intensely smoky and low in acidity. A Great coffee that will be available for years to come. dr.CAFE Dark French Roast doesn't mean fullest body, to the contrary it mean pleasant, interesting component on how to roast a bean to stand up to a roast that could cause other beans to go up inn flames. It is great by itself, however be adventurous take a cup and enjoy mixing it up with your favorite coffee.