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Coffee Map Origin

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Coffee Map Origin

Coffee Regions

Central and Latin American Region
The Latin American region coffee cherries undergo a traditional Wet Processing method, which is the major reason for bringing out the clean unique taste, distinct flavors and a mild mouth feel in these coffees. A popular coffee variety, ideal for blending with other coffee regions to create an ideal taste that is balanced to be generally enjoyed by coffee enthusiasts. A favorite selection of "all day" drinkers of coffee who want to immediately enjoy a cup of coffee after another.

East African Region
A time-honored and exclusive Dry Processing Method for the African region coffee variety is the major reason for the tangy, sparkling and fruity aftertaste for these celebrated coffees. Experience the sensation these coffees present.

Arabian Peninsula
An established Dry Processing Method is the major reason for the exclusive taste in Arabian region coffees, bringing out hints of spice and unique chocolaty taste after professionally roasted. Enjoy this exotic and mysterious coffee to satisfy your special needs.

Indonesia and Asia Pacific Region
A conventional Dry Processing Method for Indonesia and Asia Pacific region selections is the key root for the heavy, purely natural earthy characteristics when roasted with precision timing and techniques by our Roast masters. World-wide renowned and celebrated for the full-bodied but smooth feeling in the tongue. Loved mainly by intense coffee drinkers who enjoy the prolonged rich and full-bodied taste these coffees offer.

Signature Blends
A specific combination and method of blending area essentials for the balanced taste in our Signature Blends bringing out an appealing taste. Extensive tasting sessions are conducted to develop selections to come up with favorite coffee taste profiles.

Dark Roast
A special method that uses roasting principles beyond commercial roasts. This method achieves the natural oily bean surface due to elements released. An intense, authentic and flavor rich taste characteristics.