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How to brew a great cup of coffee at home

Brewing Equipment
It is necessary to choose the right brewing equipment according to the favorite beverage type. dr.CAFE COFFEE Brewing Shuttle is recommended to brew a great cup of coffee due to its advanced features as well as an array of advantages particularly easy to use, modern yet compact design, high features of filter, etc. For more formation, a brochure of this machine is available at all dr.CAFE COFFEE stores. Alternatively, dr.CAFE COFFEE baristas are glad to provide information about this equipment.

French Press is recommended method for brewing coffee indoors or outdoors; simply pour boiling water over a coarse grind of coffee, allow it to brew for 4 minutes. Then, press down the stainless steel filter to the bottom of the French Press. The coffee now is ready for you to enjoy with its full flavors and oil extractions.

Espresso Machine is another brewing method, which relies on pressure rather than steeping or gravity to brew. This machine requires more skill than French Press to produce a concentrated shot of espresso that is very rich in flavors and aromas. It is capable of producing great Cappuccino and Latte.

Drip Coffee Machine relies on gravity rather than pressure or steeping methods. It is the most common and popular brewing method for its convenience and speed. This machine requires a permanent or a paper filter for brewing.

There are other brewing methods like the vacuum pot, cold-water concentrate and of course the Middle East brewing method on a stove.

Brewing Variables
The goal of brewing is to extract the fullest possible range of desirable flavors and leave the impurities behind.

5 Brewing Basics

1. Coffee Freshness
Great lasting coffee must start with freshly roasted beans. To maintain freshness, it is necessary to store the coffee beans in an airtight container away from heat, sunlight and to minimize the exposure of the bean surface to oxygen. Coffee has to be used within 7 (seven) days from opening your pre-packed bag or can.

2. Grind
Just before brewing, grind the beans. The grind needs to be not too coarse and not too fine, so just the right amount of soluble materials is extracted into the finished cup. This means "the right grind for the right brewing method". Use a finer grind than required will lead to over extraction, using a coarser grind will lead to under extraction in the coffee, which affects the taste and your drinking pleasure.

3. Water makes up 98% of every cup of coffee
The taste of the coffee, therefore, is directly related to the taste of water used to brew it. For brewing, use filtered fresh water free from any "off tastes" and odors. Mineral water is a good substitute when filtered water is not available. Temperature is essential for your proper coffee extraction. The ideal temperature for all brewing methods other than espresso is 212ºF/100ºC, which is the same as "just off the boil".

4. Proper proportion
The proper proportion is 1 heaping tablespoon (10 grams) of dr.CAFE COFFEE fresh, properly ground coffee for every 6 ounces (180 ml) of fresh hot water. Too little or too much ground coffee will lead to over-extraction (over brewing) or under-extraction (too short period brewing) of your cup of coffee.

5. Holding Time
Once brewed, the coffee should be held for a maximum of 20 minutes. Transferring the coffee immediately into a professionally insulated dr.CAFE COFFEE thermos extends the coffee's useful life to 45-60 minutes. French Press brewed coffee should be enjoyed within 20 minutes after brewing to fully enjoy the taste of the natural ingredients it contains.