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Casual Catering Collection

We are very selective when it comes to choosing our partners. We want our partners to be the best in their field when it comes to providing service and quality to their customers. Quality is a continuous process, as customers expectations are increasing. We have to not only improve all the time but also find partners to support us in our endeavour and vision.

Make a choice of compiled food items you desire


(MGDS)Medium Glazed Donut Set (12 pcs)

(LGDS) Large Glazed Donut Set (20 pcs)

(MGDS) Medium Mixed Donut Set (12 pcs)

(LGDS) Large Mix Donut Set (20 pcs)

(SWS) Medium Sweet
Series (6 pcs)
(SYS) Medium Savory
Selection (6 pcs)
(LLB) Large variety
Set (9 pcs)

(MSS) Sandwich Set (6 pcs) (LSS) Large Sandwich Set (9 pcs)

(RR) Ready Range Cake Collection
your specific favorite cake as
a complete set 12 slices
(PP) Personal Pick Cake Variety
your choice of 12 slice collection from
available cakes in the dr.CAFE COFFEE Store

COMBINE : Compile the food items set for satisfaction

The price for the food choices are based on minimum quantities above for compiled selected sets which are entitled to an exclusive 15% discount off on the total set price. Professional dr.CAFE COFFEE Baristas will be more than glad to select bast selling varieties or your personal fovorite choices, depending on the product availability, during your visit.

chose your favorite beverages and pair with the selected food items to complete sharing the ultimate experience with your family and friends.

dr.CAFE COFFEE unique and professional packaging guarantees an easy, convenient and handy experience when carrying your food and beverage selection in one bag, one hand at a time.