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Artisan Roastery

dr. CAFE Coffee

dr.CAFE COFFEE has been roasting and selling the highest quality specialty coffees since 1997. The passion is to discover the finest and most appealing 100% pure Arabica coffees from around the world each season, roast them to perfection.

Our beans are roasted using the latest fully automated automatic roasting facilities and packed with the high-technology machine to ensure conformance to freshness and quality assurance standards.

We meticulously monitor our property and resources as well as the freshness of our production to guarantee the availability of every single type of beans around the year. We carefully formulate proper planning and implement an advanced logistics management in order to control the stocks of seasonal varieties of beans from different origins.

Brewing only freshly roasted coffee is the only way to extract the true flavor of a coffee bean. Our experienced Roast Masters select the beans, monitor the roasting process to the peak of perfection and create flavorful blends only available to hand craft roasters. Since a roasted bean's flavor degrades fairly quickly, we only roast what can be freshly brewed, preserving the true flavor of coffee in our store or at home.

Coffee beans need to be roasted to bring out their irresistible flavor and aromatics. The process of sugars and carbohydrates in coffee beans are emulsified and caramelized to extract the coffee oils which bring out the flavors and aromas and tastes of coffee.