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Our Philosophy & Values

Philosophy & Values

Adding great value to people's lives in each community we are based in, by supporting and developing social and environmental programs.

We have had a great successes in each of our dr.CAFE COFFEE outlets in developing relationships and working within our community. One of the greatest assets of a successful business is our ability to integrate ourselves with any community. Our support for community events and becoming a neighbourhood partner has built a loyal customer base for dr.CAFE COFFEE.

We support social reforms such as education and literacy programs. We contribute a part of our sales to orphanages. Part of our daily operations involves use of checklists, which includes cleaning up to 10 sq meters radius around our stores and support local community clean up programs.

Participation and sponsorship of charitable events by dr.CAFE COFFEE at local and national levels also help foster great corporate and community relations. We support international disaster relief efforts and help the disabled and other forms of charitable events.

Support International awareness campaigns such as smoking bans, Drug awareness, water rationing etc.

" dr.CAFE COFFEE, the Community Partner"