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Apply for a Franchise

Apply for a Franchise


Franchising is a carefully structured programme whereby the Franchisor enters into a Mid-to Long-term Agreement to transfer the business know-how and the Total Goodwill to a Franchisee to use in an exclusive Territory or Location.


Franchisor provides a ready-made, established and tested business format including name, corporate power, know-how, training and support services. The Franchisor gains a new outlet in a new territory with minimum capital investment in setting it up. The Franchisor expands his network cost-effectively with your investment.


Franchisee buys licensed rights to clone the whole business package from the Franchisor in a specific territory for a specific period, backed by full training and support from the Franchisor.

The Franchisee invests capital, time, effort and any relevant past experience to create his business, replicated from the franchisor's business formula/system. The Franchisee gets a safer, more structured, brand-led way of moving into independent business.

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